Flavor and Buzz

Unlike edible forms of cannabis, which can take considerable time to take effect, Direct Hit is exactly that – a fast-acting, low dose hit of THC in the form of a refreshing seltzer.

Using our proprietary super-nano technology, we break up CBD, CBG, THC and other cannabinoid molecules into much smaller particles. Why does particle size matter? The smaller the particle the faster the absorption rate, which in turn means a faster onset.
That’s a fancy way of saying that Direct Hit delivers a quick and predictable effect like alcohol, allowing you to control the result you desire. It’s the perfect storm of flavor and buzz for any occasion - just sip and socialize without fear of the alcohol aftermath.

BakPak Cannabis is inspired by the belief that cannabis can be a part of any lifestyle.

Our products are uniquely designed for health and recreation. Just as your trusty backpack travels with you and carries your daily essentials, BakPak products ensure you are equipped to get the most out of every day.